Autopilot automated steering system


  • Provides automatic steering for your vehicle with one-inch repeatability
  • Integrates directly into your vehicle's hydraulics for clear access to cab control
  • Utilizes terrain compensation technology for high accuracy on difficult terrain
  • Ideal for the most demanding row crop farming applications
  • Plugs in to many guidance-ready vehicles, minimizing the need for additional equipment

The Trimble® Autopilot™ automated steering system automatically steers your vehicle on line with maximum precision.  When your vehicle gets offline, Autopilot signals it to adjust its position to follow the correct path, no matter the field pattern or terrain type—so you can focus on the job ahead of you.

  • Complete field applications quickly and accurately
  • Reduce operator fatigue and increase safety
  • Operate day or night and in dusty or low visibility conditions

NextSwath End-of-Row Turn Technology

When used on the TMX-2050 display, Autopilot includes Trimble NextSwath™ end-of-row turn technology to automatically calculate and execute the best possible path to turn around a vehicle and approach the next crop row or swath with the implement precisely aligned to begin working.

Trimble EZ Pilot

EZ-Pilot-1The EZ-Pilot is an affordable, high-performance steering system that turns the vehicle steering wheel using a sleek and compact electric motor drive that is integrated into the steering column.  EZ-Pilot is unique to other systems because its integration maintains the use of the Vehicle's original steering wheel and telescoping functions.  The EZ-Pilot steering system is compatible with the CFX-750 display and the FmX integrated display.


  • T3 enhanced terrain compensation technology immediately adjusts the vehicle steering to compensate for rough terrain or slopes and hillsides.
  • Sleek motor design is integrated into the steering column and provides clear access to the instrument panel and other vehicle controls.
  • High-torque electric motor provides for better steering of vehicles with more rigid power steering systems.
  • Flexible installation options give the user a choice of using the vehicle's original steering wheel or installing the optional steering wheel, which provides an offset that returns the wheel back to the original height.

EZ-Steer-2Trimble EZ Steer

The Trimble® EZ-Steer® assisted steering system provides simple, hands-free farming for more than 1200 vehicle models. EZ-Steer turns the steering wheel for you by combining a friction wheel and electric motor from any Trimble display—helping you to keep your vehicle on line, so you can relax and focus on your farming tasks.


  • Provides hands-free guidance for your many farm vehicle types
  • Allows for unrestricted manual steering when assisted steering is not engaged
  • Utilizes terrain compensation technology for high accuracy on difficult terrain
  • Easy installation and transferability from vehicle to vehicle
  • Compatible with any Trimble® display
  • Ideal for broadacre farming applications where extremely accurate positions are not required

Row Guidance

Row guidance sensors send signal to the Autopilot system to center the combine on rows-even when the rows are not staight.

  • Reduce operator fatigue and header loss.
  • Harvest in diffifult conditions such as down corn, long passes, and poor visibility.
  • Benefit from Autopilot system functionality in fields planted using other steering systems or in areas where the planter drifted.

TrueGuide™ Implement Guidance System

Control your implement with the Trimble® TrueGuide® implement guidance system, a passive guidance system that monitors and corrects the position of your implement with compensation from your tractor.

With TrueGuide, your implement's position Is dependent on your tractor. When your implement drifts, TrueGuide signals your tractor's Autopilot system to pull the implement on line—so you can operate with ease no matter the guidance path.

  • Reduces uncontrolled drift of the implement by more than 50% over guiding the tractor alone
  • Minimizes draft and result in more consistent guess rows
  • Increase your precision with input placement

TrueTracker Implement Steering System

Keep your implement and tractor on the same guidance line with the Trimble® TrueTracker™ implement steering system, an active implement guidance system that allows your implement to guide itself independently from your tractor.

TrueTracker uses your tractor's Autopilot system to monitor your implement and signal it to follow the correct path during periods of drift. TrueTracker keeps you confident that your implement is on line all the time.

  • Accurately steer your implement and tractor on a repeatable path
  • Operate in the most difficult terrain and variable soil conditions
  • Minimize draft and result in more consistent guess rows
  • Reduce crop damage and compaction
  • Improve seedbed and nutrient placement

Terrain Compensation Technology

TrueTracker utilizes T3™ sensors on the NavController II to calculate the actual position of the vehicle to help minimize skips and overlaps in areas with rolling terrain, slopes, and rough ground.

RG-100 row guidance

With the Trimble® RG-100 row guidance system, you can automatically adjust the combine in response to changes in the rows by using existing sensors built in to the combine head. The RG-100 system uses the Trimble Autopilot automated steering system to center the combine on the rows—even when they are not straight.

  • Increase corn yield through reduced ear loss
  • Reduce operator fatigue in difficult conditions such as down corn, curved rows, long passes, and other poor visibility conditions
  • Operate effectively in fields planted using other steering systems or in areas where the planter drifted