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AUGMENTA edge unit

  • Quick time to install by non-experts
  • Retrofit, fully integrating with existing machinery(compatible with John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Arag, ISOBUS* and more)
  • Machine learning models provide real-time monitoring & automation on the edge
  • Currently supporting fertilizer, PGR & defoliant applications in cereal, cotton, sugar beets, soybeans & leafy greens (lettuce, spinach etc.)
  • Multispectral cameras (5 Bands)
  • 140ft (40m) Field of View
  • 12 pixel / cm resolution
  • Embedded Nvidia GPU
  • Global cellular connectivity
  • Over the Air updates

Current Product Offering and Services

Augmenta leads the way to farming automation


Multispectral machine visionDetect canopy health, patterns / shapes, every time the tractor enters the field.


Real “real-time”processingNeural Networks & agronomic models on the edge translate images to decisions.


Automated farm operationsFully-automated nutrient & chemical applications.

360º degree approach

Device perception


In-cabin app


Web app

  • A farming data pipeline tailored to the needs of all stakeholders
  • Real-time location & machinery stats via web app & Analytics
  • In-cabin android app for operation, setup & monitoring
  • AI-driven snapshots of "problematic areas" in 4k resolution
  • Multiple stakeholders can access data analytics & remotely inspect crops
  • Proprietary models further improved by collected data, resulting in custom ML models per farm