Better Data Leads to Better Decisions

Knowing that your planter is putting down the correct population is vital. Dusty conditions and
high populations make accurate population monitoring di cult. Measuring at the middle of the
tube is fi ne for population, but how much does spacing change between the middle and bottom
of the seed tube?

Not All Seed Tube Sensors Are the Same

Optical sensors require the seed to break a beam of light in the middle of the seed tube. Multiples,
high populations, and dusty conditions challenge the accuracy of this technology. Also, sensing
the seed in the middle of the seed tube provides a less accurate view of what spacing will look
like in the field.


WaveVision Sees it All

Wave Vision eliminates these challenges. High frequency radio waves measure the density of anything passing through the seed tube taking a three dimensional view. Wave Vision is not fooled by dust and multiples. By measuring at the bottom of the tube instead of the middle, it gives the best view of actual spacing in the field. Better data leads to better decisions.