Precision Equipment - Used and Overstocks

Pictures for Parts with no Pictures available upon request


  • Used 725403 35 Foot Smart connector extension cable= $30

  • 1 Row unit Module with a Vac sensor= $50

  • Used 725626 Wedge Box adapter cable with seed repeater module= $140

  • Used 727193 RowCommand harness with 47-pin Deutsch (2011+)= $100

  • Used Trimble Field IQ Can/Pwr 5ft extension cable. $50

  • New Trimble Field IQ Chain Oiler Cable. $40

  • Field IQ to 24 Row Seed Sensor JD Style adapter cable. Part number 82536. $100

  • 8 Used eSets with 1.6 Bu Hoppers (no lids) off of a JD 1770NT planter. Switched to electric drives.  Come with corn discs only, no bean plates.  Meters where last cleaned and calibrated spring of 2018. $65 Each or best offer, pick up in St Elmo IL.

  • 8 Used Tru Count Air Clutch parts for John Deere Pro Drive planter with Max Emerge Units, $75 each

  • Ez Guide Plus or Ez Guide 500 Control Keypads- (Used) $40 and New $60

  • New Trimble WM Topo Solution Kits - $7,995

  • 24 Used Yetter Shark tooth row cleaners from a White 9824 planter, Yetter model 2967-115 and the no till coulter  mount 2960-127. Have to have the coulter mount to adjust and set but can take the actual coulter off- Make Offer/ Pick up only in Rochester IL

  • Greenseeker system, used one year on JD 4940 Sprayer, 6 sensors with mounting brackets, cabling, RTU- $7500

    Contact Skip 217-473-2471

  • New Trimble Weedseeker for Pickup Truck.  Everything needed to put in truck , setup and go- $4,000

  • New 79854 cable, Used for section control only from a Raven 4x00 controller to be used with Trimble FIQ. Brand new- $100

  • 2 Used 4CC JD Vacuum motors off of a 24 row 2006 1770NT planter. 1 was rebuilt (fan and motor) in 2015 and the other has less than 100 acres on it. Getting rid of because this planter is a speed planter and moved to 6cc. Buyer pays shipping- $700 each


  • Used Cable Assy, Clutch Adapter, John Deere, 2011 for Trimble Field IQ. PN 84243, Retail $555 selling for $80

  • Trimble Yield Monitoring Module off of a Lexion 585R but will work with any Trimble Yield Monitoring setup with harnesses 58045 and 81666. $250

  • Harness  I had made by Ag Express to hook to power, the GS2, and a generic receiver outputting NEMA. Used to log hybrids. $30

  • Covers for a vSet2 meter that will work with seed tubes. We switched from using seed tubes to using SpeedTube so we had to change the seed cover portion of the meter. This part has to be paired with a vSet2 housing. 1 year and 1200 acres of use in corn and soybeans $35 each, Precision Planting PN is 768314.

  • Used Trimble Field IQ Signal Input Module updated to latest software. Module only no cables. $100

  • Used Trimble Field IQ Signal Input Module with CAN tee cable (PN 84025) and a generic switch input cable (pn91733). Updated to latest software. $250

  • Used Trimble AGCO/Challenger/Massey Ferguson CAN Interface. The cable is in Trimble autopilot kit PN 54035-62.  What I have is the whole it with the Main interface cable, and the 2 adapter cables.  Do not have the NAV controller mounting plate or hardware. $300


  • Used 82537 Field IQ to 24 Row Seed Sensor DJ Style= $100

  • Used 81693 Field-IQ To Tru Count Breakout Adapter= $60

  • Used 75522 EZ-Guide 500 to Field IQ =$100

  • 2 Used of 82789 Field-IQ To John Deere Bin Level Sensor= $30 each

  • Used 80553 Field-IQ, Universal Spreader Breakout = $90

  • Used 82744 Field-IQ To John Deere Vac Sensor= $30

  • Used 82706 Field-IQ T0 KZ 2-Wire/JD PWM = $30

  • Used 80583 Field-IQ to Raven Pressure Sensor Adapter= $40

  • 3 of Used 80539 Field-IQ To Dickey-john Encoder/Flowmeter = $40 each

  • Used 77533 Dual Relay Pwr Cutoff, Field IQ= $80

  • Used 77611-01 Powell Quick Disconnect - Implement Side = $120

  • New Great Plains Smart Pins and Rums, 2 pack. $320 for 2 rums and 2 smart pins. 6 sets available so a total of 12 rums and 12 weigh pins. $320 each or $300 each if you take all 6 kits.

  • New Ag Leader Geosteer system steering kit $4,995

  • Brand new Ag Leader Edge display kit. Has new display, mounts, and power cables $1200

  • Brand New EZ-Steer Platform bracket 53059-04 for John Deere 6000, 7000 (includes shim kit). $200

  • 53059-01 Ez Steer Bracket Brand new for a JD 8xxxT and 9xxxT. 13 available selling for $50 each

720242 Standard Esets

WAS: $122 NOW: $105

700160 JD 7000 or KZ bullseye seed tubes

WAS: $16.50 NOW: $14

730090-vset-classic-corn-meters730090 vset classic corn meters

WAS: $190 NOW: $160