Take control from the cab with the pneumatic 2940 Air Adjust Row Cleaner, available in wide and narrow models. Integrated using an in-cab controller with easy-to-use adjustment buttons and five presets, the Air Adjust Row Cleaner allows you to cover more ground in less time and makes it easy to adapt to planting conditions, which change every hour every day.



  • Available in wide (22"–40") and narrow (15"–22") widths
  • Available in models compatible with John Deere, Case IH, White, and Kinze planters
  • Up and down pressures can be adjusted to create ideal ride for row cleaners; pressure can be increased to set rigid position
  • Features parallel linkage so residue manager follows ground contour better than single-pivot designs




Achieve seed trench closure and break up sidewall compaction with the 6200 Twister Poly Closing Wheel. A rounded center-ring design maintains the depth of the twisted spikes and makes it effective in a wide range of soil conditions. The Twister Poly Closing Wheel works in minimum till, conventional, strip-till, vertical tillage, and no-till.


  • Features twisted poly spikes and rounded center
  • Closes the disc opening in both wet and ideal conditions
  • Ring design maintains wheel depth
  • Available with full wheel assembly or as ring-only insert option for installation of factory wheels


Today’s hybrids develop tough stalks that can destroy expensive tires and tracks on equipment. The 5000 Stalk Devastator™ saves tires and tracks by knocking over and crimping stalks while leaving them attached, speeding up the cornstalk breakdown process and improving field conditions for spring planting.


  • Prevents damage to tires, tracks, wires, and hydraulic hoses on combines, trucks, tractors, and implements
  • Knocks over and crimps stalks for faster decomposition and microbial breakdown of residue
  • Preserves residue cover, reducing soil erosion and keeping stalks in place in windy conditions
  • Quick and easy to install with mounting kits for most corn head models
  • Features spring-loaded down pressure
  • Solid steel construction ensures reliability and durability
  • Will not interfere with most head cart trailers
  • Rollers can be locked up for transport or when not in use



  • Rollers cover 2 or 3 rows depending on width and spacing of corn head
  • Models available for non-chopping and chopping corn heads with 20" thru 30" row spacing
  • Each roller section is equipped with two 1 1/4" square-bore, heavy-duty, non-relubricable, triple-lip sealed, single-row ball bearings on each end
  • 1 1/4" x 6" long traction bars maintain roller rotation and crimping of the cornstalks, preventing any slippage; four per row
  • Average weight per row: 120 lbs.


Safely transport combine heads around your on-the-go-operation with the 8500 Head Cart Trailer. Available in five model lengths—27', 32', 38', 43', and 48'—the Yetter head cart lineup fits standard or draper platforms and folding or standard corn heads. The single-beam design allows for easier loading without interference of equipment on head.


  • Twin rest brackets with 12" pads fit standard or draper platforms and folding or standard corn heads
  • Full-length upper bar features tool-free universal angle position supports
  • Works with Yetter Stalk Devastator™ rollers and most stalk stompers from other manufacturers
  • Central-beam design has adjustable lower and upper positioning supports
  • Upper bar is open and can store an extra sickle
  • Standard front fenders help prevent rocks and debris from damaging the head or truck
  • LED lighting system and full-length reflective tape, allowing for safe towing day and night
  • Includes two safety chains, standard electric breakaway brake system, powder-coated finish, and seven-pin wiring plug
  • Standard toolbox allows for storage of straps and header parts with the cart
  • Includes two fully adjustable straps for securing heads for transport
  • Includes telescoping tongue for faster, easier hookup
  • Tongue rotates around to main beam for easy storage and shipment
  • Optional marker pole kit allows for easy alignment when setting head on the cart


  • Five models sizes: 27', 32', 38', 43', 48'
  • Single rear axle on 27'
  • Tandem rear axle on 32'–48'
  • Standard 7,000 lbs. torsion flex per rear axle for smoother ride
  • Standard 6,500 lbs. front axle with torsion flex for smoother ride
  • Drum brakes standard on rear axles
  • Eight-bolt rims with ST235/80 R16 tires
  • Main beam constructed from 6" x 14" structural rectangular tubing
  • Safety chain rated for 24,000 pounds
  • 24" of telescoping tongue hitch adjustment
  • Toolbox size: 17 3/4" x 8" x 7"
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