Incorrect Down Force Could Cost You up to 16 Bu/A*

Checking to make sure the planter is at the right down force setting is one of
the most important things to do during planting. But checking the down force
setting at one place in the fi eld is just the starting point. The ultimate goal is to
ensure down force is set correctly across the whole fi eld, not just at one point.
Seeds planted at a consistent depth help achieve uniform emergence which sets
the stage for the rest of season.

Down Force Requirements are Variable by the Foot

The amount of down force needed varies drastically across the fi eld, and even
across the planter. Di erent soil types and textures, moisture in soil, or just the
combine tracks from last fall create di erent environments for each row of the
planter each year. Our research shows that the weight carried on the gauge wheels
while planting can vary by over 800 lbs within 3 feet. As you plant across the fi eld,
your down force needs are changing, but is your planter?

Delta Force_1

DeltaForce Takes Control

You need a planter that can sense these changing environments and adjust each row automatically. DeltaForce takes your
existing planter and adds a down force sensor and hydraulic cylinder to each row. This ensures all seeds are planted at the
optimal down force, ensuring consistent depth while eliminating excess compaction, row by row

Delta Force_2