DC6050 Transport Trailer

The DC6050 can accommodate (2) 2,500 or (2) 3,000 Gallon Cone Bottom Tanks (Not Included).
It is important to note that these trailers must be transported empty. Trailer weight w/o tanks: 2,560Lbs.


Duolift TD1200-CB Trailer

Tank: Accommodates 1200 gal. Cone Bottom Tank

Capacity: 16,000 lbs. G.V.W.R.

Step: Fill Step with Safety Railing

Tank Ground Clearance: 32”

Track Width: 75”

Fenders: Tear Drop

Optional Equipment:    

  •  Light Package
  • Hydraulic or Electric Brakes
  • Bolt-on Hose Stand
  • 15 gl. Inductor Stand
  • Multiple Tire Options

Duolift TD1200-SCB Trailer

Tank: Accomodates 1200 gal. Cone Bottom Tank

Capacity: 16,000 LBS G.V.W.R

Lights: Stop/Turn/Tail Function Red LED Lights with 7-way RV connector

Steps: Fill Step with safety railing

Jack: 2000 lb. top-wind

Optional Equipment:    

  • 2 or 4 wheel electric brakes
  • 15 gl. Inductor
  • 10,000 lb. Jack, Top-Wind Drop-Leg



Duolift TD1700-CB Series Trailer

Tank: Accomodates 1700 gal. Cone Bottom Tank

Capacity: 23,000 LBS G.V.W.R

Brakes: 2-wheel free-backing hydraulic surge brakes(Standard Equipment)

Lights: Sealed Beam, DOT approved wiring enclosed in conduit

Steps: Steps and Platform with hand railing

Optional Equipment:    

  • 2 or 4 wheel electric brakes
  • Fenders
  • 15 gl. Inductor
  • Multiple Tire Options

Duo Lift® DS-Series Duo Steer Wagons

The Duo Steer by Duo Lift is a 4-wheel steer unit designed for your strip till machine, planter, field cultivator and more. The "E-Z lock" system locks the rear axle in the fixed position for road use or steerable position for field use in seconds by the flip of a lever. No disconnecting or connecting of tie rod necessary. This heavy duty trailer utilizes 18.4 x 26 lug tires. Trailers can be built for 1600 to 2600 gallon liquid tanks and dual anhydrous tanks. Capacity (Lbs. GVWR from 14,000-48,000)

Duo Lift® Liquid Fertilizer Nurse Trailers

Duo Lift designs and manufactures a complete line of trailers for the fertilizer industry. Models are available to accommodate most brands and sizes of liquid fertilizer tanks, both poly and stainless steel. Our most popular sizes include: 1000, 1200, 1600, 3200 gallons. Other sizes are also available. Duo Lift can supply the trailer only, or complete units with tanks, tires, pumps, and plumbing kits.

Duo Lift TD1000 (2)