Weed Wiper

2017 UTV Variable Height Sponge Weed Wiper

Adaptable to most UTV beds

Attaches quickly and easily with 1000lbs Cap. Ratchet straps.
No need to drill!
Excellent solution for control of resistant weeds and escapes in RUP, NonGMO, pastures, and organic fields where approved

Utilizes Smucker Foam Weed Wiper Kits

Standard Features include:
  • 15’ single fold booms
  • 15’ Smucker Weed Wiper Kit
  • 1.8 GPM 12V DC Pump, Remote 12V DC Actuator Switch
  • 35 Gal Poly Tank with Tank Drain and in line filter with 100 mesh screen
  • Less than 5 minutes to install/remove with no heavy lifting!
Options available:
  • 20’ Single Fold boom
  • 30’ Double Fold Boom
  • Complete Spray Nozzle system with regulator, nozzles, 3 section manual shutoff
  • 5 GPM pump for higher spray capacity
  • Extra Remote FABs available

Weed Wiper Kits also available for self-propelled sprayers

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