Trimble GNSS GPS Receivers

Trimble® offers portable, rugged GNSS receivers that support a variety of real-time GNSS corrections for repeatable year-to-year accuracy. Use any of our receivers as a standalone GNSS receiver or integrate it into any Trimble steering system.

Correction Service Table

AgGPS 542 GNSS receiver

An advanced, dual-frequency GNSS receiver, ideal for areas with irregular satellite reception.

  • Industry-leading 220 channels
  • Integrated 900 or 450 MHz radio
  • L1/L2/L2C/L5 signal support
  • Configurations include: fixed base station, mobile base station, and rover receiver

AG-372 GNSS receiver

A high-performance, dual-frequency GPS and GLONASS smart antenna receiver, delivering unmatched accuracy and performance for farming operations.

  • GPS and GLONASS enabled
  • Industry-leading 220 channels
  • Simulated radar speed output
  • L1/L2/L2C signal support

AgGPS 162 GPS receiver

A low-cost smart antenna ideal for farming operations that require less demanding accuracy levels.

  • Simulated radar speed output
  • L1 signal support

Trimble DCM-300 Cellular Modem

Trimble VRS Now Ag Correction Services

Trimble® VRS Now™ Ag offers the most optimal correction data for GPS and GLONASS signals. Tuned to the special needs of subscribers, the service provides Trimble VRS Now Ag corrections of the highest quality and reliability.

Trimble VRS Now Ag corrections are ideal for precise, sub-inch (centimeter-level) accurate agricultural applications. Your Trimble Ag GPS/GNSS receivers communicate using a cellular modem, such as the Trimble DCM-300, to receive RTK type corrections.

Trimble Agriculture RTK receivers normally provide sub-inch (centimeter-level) accuracy within one minute of initialization time after connecting to a Trimble VRS Now Ag correction service.