Raven Phoenix GPS Receivers

Raven-Pheonix-300Raven’s high performance Phoenix receivers deliver highly accurate, reliable DGPS positioning using WAAS, EGNOS, Glonass, and OmniStar® satellite-based DGPS corrections. You’ll find a range of options to match your system needs, from sub-meter accuracy at one end of the spectrum to sub-inch accuracy at the other. Ideal for precision farming, GIS and other applications where a rugged, simple-to-operate receiver is required

Raven RTK/Online Service -Cellular Modem

Raven-Slingshot-Field-HubTrue power. Slingshot™ RTK/Online Service is the ultimate team player—and has already begun to revolutionize precision farming by enabling other precision ag equipment and growers to do what they do, only better. Improved productivity, greater efficiency, less waste, lower costs, greater certainty and better information and management decisions are the ultimate result.