Linco Precision Joins Sabanto’s Elite Dealer Network

Linco Precision joins Sabanto’s Elite Dealer Network for Tractor Autonomy Systems

Itasca, IL, February 21, 2023 –Sabanto, Inc. announced today the launch of its network of dealer partners spanning North America. Sabanto’s tractor autonomy system retrofits onto existing machinery, allowing operators to turn tractors they already own into autonomous machines, and the establishment of this wide-reaching dealer network ensures farmers across North America will be able to easily purchase and deploy the technology.

To serve customers at the local level, Sabanto’s elite network of dealer partners will help ensure customers experience the very best sales and support possible. The companies who have been chosen to join the network have all been working in the ag technology solution space for decades, ensuring customers experience world-class purchasing guidance and technical support.

“This is one of the most exciting times I can think of for Agriculture in my lifetime! As one of the first to bring commercial autonomy to Agriculture, we know we need a strong Dealer network to sell, service and support customers. This inaugural group of elite Dealer Partners are joining our mission to bring this game-changing technology to the Agriculture industry and more,” said Matt Hesse, Sabanto’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “This group of eight innovative, independent businesses have excelled in providing technology for 15- 20+ years. Autonomy innovation, along with smart implements, will forever change production agriculture as we know it today, and that is what our Dealer Partners are very excited to bring to their customers!”

“It is a privilege to have such consummate professionals join us in bringing this technology to farms across the continent,” said Kyle Dooley, Sabanto’s Chief Operating Officer. “The industry has been anticipating this moment for far too long, but the time has come. In a very short time, we will have deployed more autonomy into production agriculture than anyone else in the business.”

Through extensive field testing, Sabanto has proven its ability to automate a variety of field operations over significant numbers of acres. The company’s state-of-the-art path planning technology has been pivotal in deploying multiple systems for multiple days of non-stop operation in states across the US South, Southeast, Midwest, and Great Plains.

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