Meridian augurs



  • Double tapered bearing at discharge handles both radial & axial loads; superior to a ball bearing.
  • 12ga tubing throughout entire auger is heavier than the industry standard; nearly 2x thicker than 14ga.
  • 5/16" double flighting at intake, 3/16" flighting throughout remainder -1 /4" remainder on Hl 3XT.
  • Iron Edge Flighting throughout entire auger: up to 50% thicker edge.
  • Triple bolted flight connection for superior reliability you can count on.
  • Powder Coat Plus for superior coating & longer lasting.
  • Brand new highway-rated tires & rims are standard on all of our H-XT models.


  • Hydraulic scissor-lift eliminates risk of fraying & snapping lift cables.
  • Small-gap hopper grate: a safety priority without sacrificing capacity.
  • Every service access requires a pin or bolt removal to decrease risk of accidents.
  • Velocity check valve locks hydraulics at the sudden loss of pressure.
  • Reflective tape along tube & axle increase road safety; optional axle light kit available.


  • Fast-access flighting port for the easiest flight removal & service. (Patent Pending)
  • Double chain coupler offers longer-life & easier maintenance.
  • All grease points are easy access.
  • Large infeed access doors for better clean-out & serviceability.
  • Constant velocity joint on driveline for extended life & less frequent greasing.
  • Top overflow protection to prevent auger from plugging during standard operation.