Farmada ELIXIR66HD

The Elxir66HD is a heavy-duty 5-Section commercial fertilizer applicator from Farmada. This unit is a 20 row 30" row spacing and is designed for custom applicators or large farmers. This bar is intended to accommodate all types of farming practices from no-till to hill country with terraces and contours to maximize the performance based on local conditions and preferences.

Strength and Accuracy

The Ladder-style frame with 6"x6" heavy tubing and large 66" spacing front to back was created to allow large in-line tires to be placed inside the frame. This offset provides su­perb row unit stagger for improved residue flow-through. A tractor specific one-time adjustment allows the operator to set the frame height. A single-point depth hydraulic control then enables the operator to adjust the working depth.

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Hybrid Oscillating Axles

The hybrid oscillating axle creates a field performance comparable to tandems in that the axles will independent­ly adapt to the ground contour. By making them in-line and with large tires, the bar outperforms tandems when going over erosion washouts. This style provides more stable transport during road transport while spreading the machine weight evenly over the tires on crowned roads to reduce premature tire wear.

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Ground Contour Following Flex

The frames of the Elxir66HD 20 row 30" can flex down 88" and flex up 96". This is accomplished by enabling a 40 degree combined vertical travel of the wings closest to the center section, and a 25 degree vertical movement of the second and second to last sections.

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Rear Trailer Hitch

The rear hitch extends 28" and at that point it can swing a total of 52" left to right. This simplifies backing up and connecting of the tank to the toolbar.
Single and double break-away coupler arms are available, and the rear hitch light kit is standard.

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Maintenance Free Frame

The entire Elxir frame has zero grease zerks for reduced maintenance. The pivot points on the frame feature
self-lubricating, high wear resistant, and maintenance free bushings.

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Available Row Unit Styles

Split Mount Style row units -The coulter and shank are mounted in-line to a separate
frame element on the ladder frame. This extra distance between coulter and shank lets the residue cut by the coulter settle before the shank follows the coulter furrow.

Number of Rows/Spacing 20 Row, 30"
Number of Sections 5
Min. HP Requirement 200-270 HP
Transport Clearance 10-3/4"
Working Width 50'-0"
Transport Height 13'-6"
Transport Width 18'-4"
Transport Length 19'-0"
Transport Tires 4 ea. 385/65R22.5
Wing Tires - Inner 2 ea. 385/65R22.5
Wing Tires - Outer 2 ea. 385/65R22.5
Front to Rear Frame Stagger 66"
Frame Tube Size 6" X6"
Standard Rear Hitch Extends 28" /Swings 52"
Rear Hitch Light Kit Standard
Depth Control Single Point Adjustment
Hitch CAT 3
Working Depth 8" to 12"
Downflex -Inside Wing 20 ° -36"
Upflex -Inside Wing 15 ° -36"
Downflex -Total 88"
Upflex -Outside Wing 15 ° -60"
Hydraulic Requirements 2 valves
Coulter Size 20"
Cooler Raven Vortex 1-1/2"
Controller 1S0 Cabling/No Console
Knives Shield (Mole)
Shanks 2" x 1-1/4" Edge Bent
Vapor Tubes 4 ea. 3/4"
# of Control Sections 2
Sealers 18" Notched
Location Nokomis, IL