Ag Leader

SMS Basic

Accumulating data off which to base decisions is a very critical step in your precision farming operation. You may have data from different systems and sources, so the ability to combine all those items in one place is key to starting with a good foundation.

SMS was developed with this in mind. We strive to support as many systems and data sources that you may need to make accurate decisions in the future. Whether this be data from planting, fertilizing, spraying, harvest or guidance, SMS can house it all and organize it for easy access.


  • Choose higher yielding seed based on historical yield performance.
  • Save on seed costs by generating variable rate seed prescriptions.
  • Layer planting and harvest maps to easily compare seed performance.
  • Track split-planting operations.
  • Map all hybrids, planting dates, bags planted and location.


  • Create and manage soil sampling.
  • Create and manage crop scouting data.
  • Handle data from many different field operations such as tillage, baling, etc.
  • Create and manage data about your fields such as tile lines, landmarks, soil type maps, etc.
  • Create and manage crop plans.
  • Use information for government and insurance reporting.


  • Track variable rate liquid and/or granular application.
  • Create variable rate application maps and prescriptions.
  • Identify/mark "no spray" areas of the field.
  • Record application operations for regulatory record keeping.
  • Track and display crop health data provided by OptRx sensors.

Guidance Planning/Support

  • Generate A-B guidance lines.
  • Archive guidance lines from the field for future use.
  • Import/export guidance lines to and from multiple brands of guidance systems.


  • Analyze harvest data by field area, application records, as planted maps, etc.
  • Overlay hybrid/variety maps with harvest maps to determine yield performance.
  • Review yield performance by year.
  • Overlay yield maps with other field operations to determine how field activities affected yield across the field.

SMS Advanced

After data is processed, reviewing that data and making a sound decision for management practices is where the value of precision farming shines. Tools in SMS Advanced can make these tasks very simple and still provide the valuable information you are seeking.

Many of the powerful tools in SMS Advanced can be run in batch across multiple fields to save time on processing. Unique ways to visualize data – such as by topography, calendar and/or dataset playback – can provide additional insight into your operations.

Project Management

Set up each client as a separate "project" to analyze reports by individual field, client or across the entire client base. This allows for clients’ information to be kept completely separate and secure. Projects can be organized by groups and can also be password protected.

Batch Analysis

Process SMS Advanced’s powerful analysis tools in batch mode across projects and data sets to reduce time and develop consistent reporting for clients.

Customized Reporting

Give grower clients the specific information they need by developing customized reports, maps, charts and summaries, including multi-layer views of planting, harvesting and application maps.

Comparison Analysis

This analysis tool helps to easily compare how one or more variables (e.g. moisture, soil type, fertilizer rates, split planter setups, etc) combine to affect results, such as yield. This capability provides better insights for future planning and success.

Network Installation

By installing SMS Advanced on a network environment, multiple users can access projects from a single storage location –or even check in/out on a laptop for client review.

Multi-Year Averaging

Use this tool to average information from many years into one map. This map will indicate the trends that have been present in the field over many years. The map will also provide a coefficient value to help determine the stability of trends. This can be used to create management zones.

Backup Scheduling

Create backup files daily, weekly or monthly automatically. Backup files contain all the data and organization within SMS software.

3D View

Analyze field drainage, tiling, terracing and other field needs using field-level 3D maps.

Dataset Playback

View an animation of operations pass-by-pass.

Soil Lab Import

Align soil testing results from the lab with sample locations in the field. Lab templates can be saved for efficient use and can also be easily transferred across multiple projects.

Booklet Printing

Create personalized booklets for each client using SMS Advanced’s Booklet Printing feature. Determine the reports, graphs, maps, charts and analysis results to be included and SMS does the rest. Booklets can even be exported as HTML or PDF files to be emailed or uploaded to the web. Booklet Printing requires an additional unlock.

Equation Writing

Create, edit and save fertilizer recommendation equations from universities, consultants and others, then apply those recommendations to specific projects, or across the entire client base. Users can also output multiple datasets based on equations.

Calendar View

An easy-to-read calendar format gives a unique chronological view of all field activities. This allows for better understanding of how timing of field work impacts yield.

SMS Mobile

Understanding the environment in which crops were growing can provide information that will pay dividends in the future. Soil test data, scouting records and documentation of test trials in the field all benefit your bottom line. This data can be particularly useful in future years to remember why the crop yield was low in specific field areas one year but not the next.

Holding the power in your hand will allow crop management to be taken to the next level.

Boundary Mode

View, record and revise field outlines and sub-boundaries (terraces, waterways, etc) within the field to accurately document field areas.

General Logging Mode

Create and edit point, line and polygon areas in the field. Uses include basic field scouting, tile line mapping, creation of management zones and others.

Image Download

SMS Mobile allows operators to easily download satellite images for each field. These images can then be displayed as background layers when you are in the field to help you see where you are in the field and key terrain features that may be missed otherwise.

Printing Options

SMS Mobile files can easily be printed to industry standard PDF files so they can be saved electronically or printed directly to a printer (PC only). From your PDA, you can print data to an image format which you can then print, email to others or view on a PC

Soil Sampling Mode

Create and navigate to specific soil sample sites. Add and move soil sample sites based on desired location. Drawing tools are available to make and divide sampling zones for specific area needs.

Crop Scouting Mode

Scout specific field locations or navigate to previously scouted locations to log detailed information on field/crop conditions as well as insects, diseases or weeds observed.

Coverage Mode

Continuously log and record data for swath based coverage operations. This allows for the logging of different hybrids/varieties, tillage operations or application rates within the field. The Virtual Implement Switch feature allows users to collect a more accurate area for operations by automatically adjusting swath width and turning the acre count on/off when entering already covered areas. Using this feature there is no need to have wires or implement switches mounted on equipment.

Navigation View

SMS Mobile features a Navigation View that allows the operator to quickly and easily navigate to locations in the field.